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  1. This is actually pretty badass, get through traffic way faster and able to pull most light vehicles by the looks of it. Way more efcefiint for a lot of tow jobs than the 1 tons and bigger that roll around my town.

  2. I would love to try this shade stick! I went and watched a few of Lisa's videos when you posted about her being on youtube the other day and she used it one of her demos- it looks so pretty with the silver sheen in it.

  3. Essa coisa é curiosa, porque em adolescente eu masturbava-me a olhar desafiadoramente para as imagens religiosas que havia lá em casa. Tenho esperado pelo raio que me fulminasse, mas até hoje, nada. É frustrante.

  4. I once watched two kittens watching moths fly aroound a table lamp. I swear that one of them braced the shade so the other could use it as a launch point to catch one of them.

  5. Hi Jason.Thanks for being such a good resource of Personal Network info. I’ve ordered that book from Amazon – and will be on my Christmas/New Year reading.The Six Degrees BBC documentary is a really good find. I agreed with your commenter’s observation that “sharing in a network is beneficial to the individuals as well as the whole system – not to be selfish is in everyone’s interest” is a real thought provoking point.If you like good BBC documentaries – try and get to watch BBC4 this week. The Joy of Stats – fascinating. Here is a – and if you are out of the UK .Best wishesPhil

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  14. So glad the weekend opening went well, they deserve it. Love this card, the image is just so adorable and the layout of the card is superb. It has brightened my day, thanks! Anne x

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  17. Incredibly insightful and well written! I find that making the change internally is the hardest one of all. I still have trouble believing my husband thinks I’m beautiful but it’s mainly because I feel pretty crappy about myself.I always try to remember that people are focusing more on things they are worried about in themselves than anything that I think is “wrong” with me.Best of luck on the journey!

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  20. Thank you Cyndi, I am sure I could add to this with a bit more thought. This year is going to be massive in lots of ways, if not for the fact my oldest daughter has a prom and will go to High school, gah!

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  22. i know they take it into account, but there has to be something lost in all the people watching (like some of us) in pubs. EVERY bar in NYC yesterday was packed. walking to GK’s from the subway on 72nd i mustve passed 10 places all overflowing…

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  24. Congratulations to Coach Dungy for a stellar career. Dungy is a native of Michigan (Jackson area in the south central portion of the state), though Florida and Indiana could ostensibly be considered his home states, too.

  25. Mencius was complaining about computer science theory, not programming.The canonical analogy is that you don't need a degree in Riemannian mathematics and Einsteinian relativity in order to get to the moon.

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  27. – Diehanh : Moi aussi j’aime bien le make up de Nathalie Portman :)- Anne-Elisabeth : Encore Nathalie, dis donc ;)- FashOnEarth : Moi j’aime bien Nathalie justement… !!- Copyright : Justement, il y en a un, mais il n’est pas apparu. Si tu surlignes le texte en dessous du visuel que j’ai fait, tu verras le crédit photo. Merci de me le faire remarquer, il faut que je corrige ce bug.Cela dit, j’aurais aimé que tu commentes sous ton vrai pseudo, je note que tu as déjà « trollé » quelques sujets auparavant. Difficile à assumer ?

  28. Hallo,mit Panasonic machst du nichts falsch! Die gibt es in vielen verschiedenen Größen.Die sind den anderen immer etwas voraus, haben deshalb auch einen etwas höheren Preis!Mehr kann ich dir nicht raten, dass weitere ist nur Hellseherei, da du sehr wenig Angaben gemacht hast!


  30. C’est un peu tard mais mieux vaut tard que jamais.. pour trouver un vols vraiment pas cher du tout vers Barcelone, le mieux c’est ce que propose Bravofly avec l’affichage en temps réel les meilleurs prix des vols depuis toute la France. Dans les prochaines semaines, le vols le moins cher est un Paris Beauvais Barcelone el Prat à 17€ aller retour !

  31. Régis, si vous permettez, vous semblez faire au moins deux confusions : tout d’abord, le syndrôme de Stockholm n’est pas une maladie mentale. Ensuite, penser qu’un avocat épouse fréquemment la cause de son client, c’est prendre et l’avocat pour un con, le client pour un génie et le juge pour un aveugle…. Je veux bien que la justice tranche les yeux bandés mais elle n’en perd pas de vue son objectif : à chacun son métier.

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  33. : ben en fait, Lauren Bastide, en charge du papier m’avait connu via une de mes vidéos mais c’est vraiment l’article dans le Elle qui m’a fait connaître. En tous cas c’est ce que j’ai ressenti…Et puis pour continuer dans le bisounoursage, effectivement, Juliette, toi, Anna, les filles, c’est vraiment génial de vous avoir rencontrées et d’être devenues amies. (et je ne parle même pas du garçon qui partage ma vie <3)

  34. Chris – I’m the guy who talked to you at the Newport O’Club last night. Apologies I didn’t have a card, but email me at work at I’d like to talk to you more about generational impacts and also make contact with the Captain you mentioned who has taken the Generations elective at the War College. Thanks.

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  42. Thanks for the catch on attributions. I bet I have sit vs sat and too to messed up as well.On 240dpi, this is close to the native res of a 21mpixel image at 24 inches wide. The setting does not mean much anyway, so I just stick with that.

  43. muchas gracias a todas por vuestros comentarios.Estuve unos días desconectada de viaje. Un día funcionó el wifi pero muy poco y casi no pude contestaros.Trini muchísimas gracias por el premio. Me ha hecho muchísima ilusión¡¡¡¡¡besitos,Ani.

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  48. Jana petri comentou em 28 de janeiro de 2011 às 12:59. vou emprestar da Katylene ….” Cai ni mim 2012 , veeemm com tudo !!” …. a falta de respeito e futilidade com tudo ..ta feia a coisa nesse mundo .

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  50. Okay, dude…I LOVED Jillian’s voice. And now you teased us and I want more. Gah!! Good luck with the rewrite Katy.I’m not superstitious about 13 but I am terrified to step on cracks in the sidewalk (step on a crack and break your mother’s back) and opening an umbrella indoors (only because I DID it at age 5 and had to go to the ER for stitches!). I was born at 6:13 pm and brought home the hospital on Friday Oct 13th, so 13 is kind of my good luck number

  51. Weddings, Kim Fox Photography via Heavenly Blooms BlogPhoto credits (clockwise from top left): Matthew Morgan Photography, Branco Prata via Green Wedding Shoes, Bobettes Blog, CMP Studios, Ulmer Studios via Wedding

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  53. is following the new Freddie and Fannie guidelines of a 15 day hold on investor bids but in some cases HUD homes in need of repairs will not qualify for conventional,

  54. WOW!! What a stunning bride and groom! The pics are amazing, what a wonderful place to tie the knot!! So wish James and I could have been there to join in on the festivities!! All the best xx

  55. something about having generator problems in the middle of everything, but it took me a long time to trust him again.Similarly, there was a recent thread on here where just a few people were arguing about nothing much. I don’t like that kind of thing, and I’m sure it must drive good people away. Incog’s message is good, but then we get that kind of thing. I’m not saying the arguments aren’t justified. Sometimes they are. I just don’t think it helps when it goes on for too long.Peace brother, and that goes for all the genuine White People here.

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  57. daar ben ik het helemaal mee eens….als je in nederland wil wonen zul je je moeten aanpassen wil je dat niet kan je van mij een enkeltje terug krijgen naar je eigen land waarje wel een burka mag dragen als dat is wat jullie zo graag willen!!

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  59. Si, me carga la atención de MAC, la otra vez fui con una amiga gringa y lo mismo, corrieron a atenderme, me dejaron probar todo. Además saben re poco de nuevas colecciones, tonos, aplicaciones, y bla bla.

  60. AlexDe grands grammairiens (Dauzat, Thomas ) contredisent les correcteurs. Personnellement j’ai toujours considéré que les synonymes n’existaient pas.Bien souvent la nuance entre deux synonymes peut paraître arbitraire, ce qui n’empêche pas son utilité. Si vous me dites habiter au second étage, j’en déduis que votre immeuble n’en comporte que deux.

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  63. Oct17Tomas Thanks for the updates. I couldn’t get there this time but it is nice to get the scoop on new products etc. The page is great. keep the updates and photos coming! that new version of voyager that works on any browser is big!

  64. but you see a lot of us keep criticising each other and being racist to each other and freedom of speech all hes doing is mucking around they thought 5 jacksons its racist cos it was all white people i hate the rules how racist everyone thinks everyone is racist woopy doo da get over it and they say stuff to us we dont get offended and we leave it but when some white guy comes along and does same thing its like its worse really bad


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  68. hoi, oscarJa, ik weet mijn spelling is echt niet helemaal super .maar plaats gewoon een nieuw berichtje. dat zou misschien wel werken. zoals ik nu doe.

  69. Ser ju alltid så gott ut, men jag har själv så svårt för alla dessa sötningsmedel. Hur resonerar du kring det? Vore intressant att höra. Tycker själv det är ok någon gång i veckan (tex dricker jag ibland cola zero), men varje dag känns inte snällt mot kroppen och triggar det inte igång sötsug hos dig?

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  75. Fac-simile, pretendre n’etre pas perdu sur la Route releve de l’imposture. Quoique la Grappa peut veut donner l’illusion qu’on tient le bon bout du chemin. C’est tragique d’ailleurs. Mais bon, qui suis-je pour vous montrer du doigt?

  76. Hannah from United Kingdom, September 23, 2012 at 12:59 PM The gardens were absolutely stunning and the balcony view was a real treat! We were treated very well, even once we had checked out- in fact that is the sign of a very good hotel!

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  78. (Electronics) I’ve tried several usb tuners and this one works the best. Great HDTV reception. It also has analog reception which is good because there aren’t many over the air HDTV signals where I live yet. The supplied software is simple to use and works well but not allot of bells and whistles. This unit doesn’t seem to load the CPU as much as the others I’ve tried.

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  81. i am lost for words that this is happening. once again the government wins. i only get paid minium wage and they expect me to be able to pay my full amount if rent smh.I am 22 yrs old and im a part time student. they havent even informed me if they were going to be able to make payment for this month of june.I hate depending on the syste, i cannot wait till i graduate college

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  108. goal I’ve set is to read the Bible in 90 days! Alyssa Francis, at Kingdom First Mom, is taking on this challenge, along with a lot of other bloggers. I’m not much of a joiner, normally, but this is a good

  109. Suicide means you go the hell.It’s terrible of what happened to her, but she shouldn’t have let that shit Get to her that badly, and been more strong-minded. R.I.P. though.

  110. Herr Peters,Ihre Tour verwirret mich ein wenig.Fast scheint es so, als führen sie kreuz und quer durchs Land…Zum Glück streiften Sie meine alte Heimat…und sogar meinen Geburtsort (Hamm). Dazu möchte ich Sie beglückwünschen – wenngleich es wohl die hässlichste Stadt Deutschlands ist (knapp vor Hannover und BRAUNschweig).Ich verbleibe zu meiner Entlastung mit den freundlichsten Grüßen,Herr Haverkamp

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  112. Thanks Don,Part of the reason we chose to have ‘requisite’ courses is so that we could model our new delivery and also provide students with the expectations around sharing and learning ‘out in the open’. The un-learning has to come from students and educators alike… I’m excited about the role I’ll play as mentor to students in this new learning environment.

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