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  14. My sons are 23 and 17, so I’m past this stage, thank Zeus. Both of my boys, somehow, picked up very early that “pink is for girls,” so they never wanted either pink or purple toys. They both love red for shirts, beach towels, whatever.I’ve always hated the girly color marketing thing. It reinforces stereotypes for both boys and girls. Unfortunately, enough parents must be buying the junk to make it worth producing and selling. I don’t if I should blame the manufacturers & marketers, or the consumers, for continuing this stuff. It’s very unhealthy for boys and girls individually and for society as a whole.

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  25. Magnetic_rose: Yup, my brother’s sending home a balikbayan box this week. Aside from my clothes, stuff that I bought which aren’t Christmas presents are also left in the box. Cheaper than having to pay excess baggage dementedchris: Nope, not Neo Noir. Roman Holiday Princess Anne, Prunella and Celsiy

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  29. I don’t want to serve as Alex Jones’ debunker. No one will disenchant those who want to be convinced. It’s no different than a cult where the followers feel they have a hidden knowledge – and thus are special. I’ll simply say I have listened with an open mind and have found provable lies in every single video I’ve ever watched with Alex Jones. Check the facts in this video and you’ll find many things you can prove are false and presented to weave a false image.

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  36. Also from the awesome wiki on the show: “The series was dubbed into Spanish in Mexico, where it is known as “Skippy el canguro”, and distributed to most Spanish-speaking countries, including Cuba and Spain, countries where the show became very popular. The series also crossed the iron curtain and was aired in Czechoslovakia in the 80′s and is currently still being broadcast in Iran. However, the show was forbidden to be shown in Sweden where psychologists believed that the show would mislead children into believing animals could do things that they couldn’t.”

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  40. That’s not a gotcha question. Asking about the Monroe Doctrine would have been a gotcha question. The only point that can be made on her answer is that the Bush doctrine is not always defined the same way. It’s either refering to the idea that anyone aiding terrorists should be considered an enemy or the idea of the use of force in a preemptive manner (or both).The problem was she appeared to be unfamilar with the phrase. It reinforces doubts many have about her basic knowledge on America’s foreign policy issues.Reply

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  43. Look, like I said (and this is the last I’ll say on the subject, JD), I have a problem with encouraging people’s vices and addictions to pay for things that are valuable to us as a society. Cigarette taxes pay for things, sure, but we don’t have the government setting up cigarette machines around town so they can profit off increased nicotine addiction. We don’t legalize drugs so we can profit off drug addiction (at least, not that I’m aware of).If you’re okay with it, good on ya. I just hate to see my government actually encouraging behavior that is proven to destroy people’s lives. Obviously I’m in a minority with that opinion.

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